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IKONIK is a unique real estate development program

Due to a highly fragmented landscape, property development finance has become more complicated and demanding than ever. We offer flexible solutions across the capital structure, combining our unique debt and equity skillset for real estate investment opportunities.

Because we lend deeper into the capital stack, we assume more of the risk and are fully aligned with you. We do more upfront ensuring your development is viable and, if something goes wrong, work with you to right it. We’re a true funding partner, not just another property development finance company.

IKONIK is founded and run by executives with more than 25 years experience working through real estate market cycles. We know what it’s like being in your shoes. We know how important it is to react to the inevitable market changes that occur during a development project.

Our syndicated partners bring over 25 years of experience in Real Estate development, marketing and sales programs. With a history of over $85 billion in real estate marketing/sales programs, we bring together a full eco-system which is critical to the success of a development.

Some Facts about our agency& Partners!

  • 500 clients
  • 700 projects
  • 150 sales centers
  • 200 awards


Project/Development Funding
Early Stage to Construction

Guiding our partners development projects to the most suitable and beneficial funding and equity partners for success.


Complete Creative & Project Management

Project Branding, Creative Design, Brochures, Print Collateral, Social Media and Digital Outreach Marketings


Sales Technology
Emerging Digital Interactive Solutions

Complete digital technology platform to present and manage sales digitally. Online, iPad and Sales Centre all managed from the digital platform. Global sales success made possible.


Our debt and equity loan facility has been created to provide a real estate developer the opportunity to bank their own business. The ability to provide a one stop shop for funding needs as well as marketing support and related services is fundamental in guaranteeing a high level delivery of final product to the open market.

As a mandatory condition of our funding programs. Marketing development and digital sales tools are provided by our partners. These services address all of the branding, marketing, digital tools and sales support programs which ensure success for the sales team and the project. Included in this offering are Advertising & Marketing, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Social Media , Advertising Campaigns and Website development.


Early Stage Funding

The land use application process can delay a project for months or even years. For this reason, the land use permit, while not the final approval for construction purposes, is often the greatest hurdle to achieve financing.


Site plans, development plans, and building plans. This crucial develop- ment stage requires solid financial


The sales program strategy is

criti- cal. Our team assists in developing all aspects of the sales strategy.


Branding of the project. Development of marketing assets and sales program assest in traditional and digital format.


Our Award-Winning team provides our clients and developments with Renderings & Animations, Film, Integrated Digital Sales Centres.

Sales Programs

Utilizing our R.I.S.E (Real-time Interactive Sales Experience) Sales Application, our clients can develop and close sales opportunity online globally.

Over the past 20 years of working globally on residences of distinction and signature projects, our team has continuously achieved 100% sales success for our clients.

Strategy, Branding and Positioning is critical to a project success. Our team are world class professionals with a sharp sense for cutting edge creative and sales success

The digital integration within sales centre design is critical. Our team has developed award winning sales centres powered by the R.I.S.E (Real Time Interactive Sales Experience technology. Powerful and captivating sales tool)


Over the past 25 years our partners Montana Steele has succesfully branded, marketed and launched more than 700 real estate projects. The integrated process has provided developers and clients with a full spectrum of services for success. Our systemactic approach provides clients with a strong foundation of both traditional and emerging digital media offerings.


  • Tours Des Canadiens – High Rise

  • Maple Leaf Square–High Rise

  • LakHouse Condo– Mid Rise

  • Bisha Condo / Hotel – Mixed Use

  • 50 Scollard Residences – High Rise

  • Artists Alley – High Rise

  • Art Shoppe Condo – High Rise

  • Daniels Waterfront– Mixed Use

  • Greystone Village – Mixed Use

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